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TheyDream is a handmade jewelry brand that connects different worlds with a minimalist approach. The Classic concept is redefined by combing graphic, Bohemian, and urban elements with precious metals and gemstones. The combination results in multiple collects that are timeless in their beauty and style. The use of precious metals and gems creates that timeless feeling, while the abstract shapes make the pieces unique and contemporary.

Osnat Ambar is an emerging Israeli jewellery designer. After graduating visual communication I decided to transform my quest for new aesthetics from the two dimensions of graphic design into the three dimension and challenging materials to of silversmithing and jewelry design. I collect inspirations everywhere, I love to draw and document interesting things I absorb throughout the day, things I see, feel and hear transform themselves into ideas and concepts. During the design process I try to balance between making a strong, powerful aesthetic statement that will not overpower the person wearing it. A piece that will highlight the style and mood of the person wearing it.I believe that when a synergy between the piece of jewelry and one's wearing it is created it's the ultimate outcome that will very from one person to an other, giving the feeling of custom made. I believe I can make items that will creat a different experiences and new looks each and every time you combine it with your personal total look, in this way, Me as a designer take an active part in creating this experience.

TheyDream’s first collection is called BaseLine. This collection is representative of the brand’s minimalist approach, and is the brand’s centerpiece collection.  The BaseLine collection was created by the search for aesthetically pleasing and precise proportions. It is the intersection between classical and contemporary jewellery, designed create a symbiotic relationship between the person and the piece.

Second Collection, Knot came from a desire to explore new visual creativity beyond the familiarity and comfort of adhering to geometric norms. Instead I’ve embraced the organic and uncontrolled dynamic of the Bohemian discipline. The style contradicts itself: strength and power vs tenderness. Materialism vs spirituality.